At Blossoms family we present a vast collection of Nylon and Natural Fibre Bags and Products that have been explicitly designed to suit the clientsevent. Designed in splendid colours for an attractive and easy relation of companies home colours and promotions, we customized to suit the preferences of the clients. 

This makes it very significant to decide the parameters which when we work upon result in wonders for you. Several criteria we keep in mind when creating a product for you is High quality Craftsmanship, High tenacity PVC Coated Nylon& Polyester Matty Fabric,Stitched with 3 ply nylon tread, using the best quality Zipper and Accessories.

Natural FibreProducts like Jute and Cotton Canvas have created a niche the world over. A wide range of skills have been honed to perfection by craftsmen who have learned to transform this natural fibre into products of daily use, with an aesthetic appeal.
As a natural fibre, it has many advantages over synthetics. It has been recognized as environment friendly as it is biodegradable.

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